Battlefield 4 Free Download E3 Pre-Alpha leaked

Battlefield 4 Pre-Alpha

The battlefield 4 pre-alpha version that is downloadable is the same as the one that was playable on E3. This version has been leaked and has been playable since a few days after E3.
Gameplay is stable to very stable but there still are a few bugs here and there.
There is 1 map available at this time: Siege of Shanghai. It's a map with a lot of infantry action as well as vehicle action.
Tanks, boats and helicopters are available but this map does not support jets.
The game is fairly well optimized skipping no frames providing a smooth gameplay experience.

Battlefield 4 free download BF4 Free Download

The current version (which was leaked on E3) is downloadable via the button. A small survey must be filled in so our couple of servers don't get overloaded with people.

For more information you can check out this video:

Battlefield 4 on E3!

Battlefield 4 booth at E3
Last week the yearly E3 expo took place with a lot of amazing announcements and future games that could be played.

But for many of us gamers there were pretty much two big things we were all looking forward to.
The press conferences of the next gen consoles and of course Battlefield 4.

Battlefield 4 was playable for people that were at E3 and I think they all had a great time.

But now you can try it out for yourself, the E3 version of the game (pre-alpha) has been leaked and downloadable for free on our website!

Check it out HERE.